another form of football

Photo bombed by Nate. We didn't expect anything less.

We finally made it to a rugby league game. Hurrah!

It’s obviously no secret that we have a love for sports. We wake up at the crack of dawn just to watch our Mizzou Tigers during football season. We clear our weekend mornings just to devote over three hours watching baseball games. We signed up for the ability to watch AFL games online since we live in a rugby state now and it’s a rare occurrence to catch Power games on free-to-air TV around here. We are very much invested in sports, whatever shape or form.

So it was inevitable that we would eventually make it to a rugby league game and it’s a no-brainer that we would barrack for the Brisbane Broncos. This past Sunday, we made the quick train trip to Milton and walked to Gate E of Suncorp Stadium wearing the closest colors to maroon and gold we could round up in such short notice. At first we thought we scored nosebleed seats, but it actually worked out for the best because we got a bird’s eye view of the entire field from our section. Luckily we were with a group of friends who are seasoned rugby followers and they were more than willing to answer our incessant questions about why that guy did that and why the umpire gave him that penalty. It was one question after another and truth be told, I still went away from the game with more questions that I care to ask.

The entire evening was a success because the home team won and we got to sing the team song (which was rather amusing, lyrically). The best part? We got to go on to the actual field after the game. Apparently this wasn’t a regular occurrence, so it was a real treat. We spent about half an hour taking photos, frolicking and looking up around the stadium. It was a delight and I sure do enjoy those on-field experiences, even more so after a great win!

My gold shoes + Nate kissing the turf at Suncorp.



my new favorite recipes

A very fragrant boozy baked French toast is in the fridge soaking in the Bailey's & vanilla we added to it. 😲 #MizzouHomecoming Watch Party in t-minus 9 hours! 🐯

This past Sunday, we hosted a group of Aussie friends to watch the Mizzou Homecoming game with us over some breakfast (since the game started at 6am). We were originally hesitant to hold a watch party that early in the morning, because come on, unless you’re a die-hard Mizzou fan why would you get up that early to watch a game? Well, these awesome Aussies proved us wrong because they insisted that they would make the effort and get there early enough for a pre-game breakfast. So of course, I had to make sure they were fed right with some breakfast treats. I went on Pinterest-overdrive and picked out various dishes. I wanted to exclusively share three in particular:

  • Blueberry Croissant Puff – I picked this out because who doesn’t like croissant? This was a winner from the beginning, in my book. You will want to eat it uncooked after you smell it, trust me.
  • Honey Lime Rainbow Fruit Salad – This is not any ordinary fruit salad. At first I hesitated about making the dressing but I’m so glad I went ahead with it. It added an extra zing to an otherwise run-of-the-mill fruit concoction. Eat it chilled.
  • Boozy Baked French Toast (pictured above) – This was another dish I wanted to eat uncooked after I smelled it. Wow. I suggested you add more Bailey’s if you are really going for the “boozy” part. We only added slivered almonds and plan on adding fruit or even chocolate chips next time. Oh, and I made the rookie mistake of forgetting to set out the maple syrup until after our guests had left and we were eating leftovers. Extra delicious. Plus next time, I think we will either take it out of the oven earlier or add more of the liquid goodness because our french toast came out a little dry.

I was so pleased that these three dishes came out better than I had expected. It’s always a bit scary to serve dishes you’ve never tried before to a group of people that woke up way too early for a Sunday morning to watch a game you’re way too excited about. They left our apartment with full bellies after multiple visits to the table. I call that a success!

P.S. Our Tigers won.

get up, it’s game day

Yes, I was one of many that stormed the field after we won ;) Only because my husband said "This is a once in a lifetime opportunity...". How could I argue with that? #Mizzou

Not a crazy person. Promise. 

Happy First College Football Game of the Season!!!

Oh, football. What have you done to me? It took my husband five long years, but he got there. He got me to appreciate, enjoy and be just downright obsessed with football. You would think that when we moved to the best college town in the Midwest that I would embrace Mizzou football the moment I got there. It was the opposite actually. I loathed it, to the point that for the first couple of years, I made the point of going shopping or running an errand whenever a game was on. I took it as an opportunity to shop in peace while all the crazies tailgated their precious Saturday afternoons away and then spend another 3 hours in the stadium screaming their little hearts out. It was only fitting that I ended up being those same people I mocked when all was said and done. Oh, the irony.

Now here I am, a gazillion miles away, being forced to get up at the crack of dawn on the Sabbath to watch our beloved Tigers. It certainly won’t be the same. Unfortunately, I don’t think anything will match last year’s experience. Season tickets, front row seats for every single game, traveling to an Ole Miss game in Mississippi, winning the SEC East by beating Texas A&M (and ensuring that Johnny Football ended his College career with a loss) and then, the cherry on top, getting the chance to head to Dallas for the Cotton Bowl…and come home winners.

Football memories, I have plenty of. Now it’s time to make more memories, just on a different time zone. M-I-Z!