better than no chex

All they had were Coco Pops Chex. So here's to an extra chocolatey puppy chow!

Around here, we make Puppy Chow using Coco Pops Chex


the bird watcher

It's lunch time for some. #SunshineCoast #birds

I caught this feathered creature having a feed off this (unknown) magnificent tree near the marina at Kawana. I thought that the tree perfectly camouflaged its feathers. But I’m way too alert to miss a bird watching opportunity! Perhaps our next road trip should solely be dedicated to bird watching, so I can marvel at these beautiful creations to my hearts content. Must add that to the list.

got enough butter in that waffle?

Blueberry waffles, bacon & Mizzou football makes for a pretty perfect Sunday morning! Here's to getting a W today

If you ask me what was the one thing you’re glad you brought from America, I would quickly answer that it was our waffle maker. In fact, we bought a brand new one a day before our things got shipped out. Hands down, after having waffles last Saturday, I am so thankful we decided to bring that sweet little gadget. I never knew I loved waffles so much until I was without it for 4 months.

P.S. This is the greatest waffle recipe ever. Just look away when you see the 1 cup worth of butter it needs though. But then again, that’s the magic potion right there.