hello, pleased to meet you

Happy New Year tiaras, fantastic friends & my phone's camera timer was all we needed to say goodbye to 2015!

Post-midnight group photo using the trusty phone timer. Thanks, technology!

Happy New Year! It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for: the first day of a new year, a new beginning, another set of 366 days (it’s a leap year, remember?) to live our lives (for the better). More than ever before, I am so delighted to say goodbye to one year and welcome another. 2015 was not kind very kind to me. As thankful as I am that many wonderful, memorable and unforgettable moments happened during 2015, the lowlights outshine them all. That makes me sad. But enough sadness, nobody has time for that. It’s the beginning afterall, remember?

Although 2015 was a year to forget, the constant gift of friendship is what got us through the year just passed. Friends near and far who called, messaged, wrote and we were lucky enough to see in person. So it was only appropriate that we bid farewell to the year surrounded by some of the friends who made us laugh, made us feel accepted and comforted us. What a wonderful thing indeed.

So here’s to 2016. Here’s to keeping the faith, looking forward to each and every day and to feel gratitude for every single moment we will be blessed with for the next year. What an exciting and frightening concept. Bring it on.


the midwest changes you

Representing the Show-Me State! We are such tragic Missourians (& proud of it).

It has been 13 months since we moved to Brisbane but a day hasn’t gone by that we are not reminded about our time in the Midwest of the U.S.A. Mainly, it’s thanks to sports and of course, the undeniable connections we still hold with family (my husband’s parents) and our dear friends (who thanks to the beauty of social media, has made keeping in touch much easier). I know for a fact that we will always have a connection to Missouri beyond our family and friends and our beloved sport teams.

It is in the Midwest that we made the commitment to one another (our marriage license was granted to us by Boone County and we got married at the Newman Center on the University of Missouri’s campus). We built our first home on the best name street I’ve ever had the pleasure of living on (Funderburg Mill Drive – I mean, come on, the word FUN is in it). The Midwest taught me how embrace my community and all that it has to offer. Midwesterners are the most generous and accommodating people. It is in Mid-Missouri where I truly started my career. I was given a chance to build on my confidence (and we all know that Americans in general are the most confident group of people you’ll ever meet) and go after what I want and share what I have to offer.

So really, spending six years in the Midwest gave us much more beyond our unbridled support for the Tigers, the Cardinals, the Chiefs and the Cougars. Since the best way to show your affinity for ones favorite place is through shirts, hats, etc, we can’t help but wear our Missourian gear all around Brisbane. Partly we’re hoping that one of these days we’ll get stopped by fellow Midwesterners – we always enjoy when that happens.

stop & smell the roses

Oh yeah.

Life is short. My greatest fear is I didn’t live it enough. I didn’t say “I love you” to everyone I should have said those words to. That I let the small things annoy me, forgetting that there are bigger and better things to exert my energy on. Will I regret the moments I missed? The words I said? The opportunities I let pass?

Life is short.

you are the best thing

Happy 4th of July from Zach and his moustapotato! 🗽

What’s one of the best things about my husband, you ask? Well, it’s his willingness to laugh at anything and everything that is even mildly funny. I love, love, love that about him. He has a wicked sense of humor. Not that his crude about his humor, he just manages to find the funny in things. I adore that about him. He doesn’t take life too seriously, he’s always up for a good pun-off and he is the coolest dork this side of the Mississippi Brisbane River. He’s the entire (funny man) package.

Now that I’ve gushed about him, why don’t you take a minute and appreciate the moustache-shaped sweet potato that I found during a recent grocery trip. I had no idea I had picked up this gem, but in true Zach fashion he noticed it immediately when he pulled it out of the shopping bag. He didn’t have the heart to cook and eat it, so instead we did a little photo shoot with it. I just love that he’s game enough to be a part of my silliness. It makes for a fun and unpredictable life. That’s the way I like it.

for every mama

The lotus flowers we set free then we got to make a wish.

No gift to your mother can ever equal her gift to you–life. – Anonymous

Thirty-five years ago my Mama gave me the greatest gift. Twenty-five years ago I was blessed once again when my Aunt legally adopted me. I consider myself so blessed to have two women I can call my Mothers. Both women love(d) me, teach/taught me and inspired/continue to inspire me during the days when I need it most. One watches over me from across Australia, while the other watches over me from up in heaven. It’s not luck. It’s a blessing that I have two Mother’s in my life.

I wish people knew how much it’s possible to miss a person you have never met, and to mark time by their absence.

Three months ago, I gave the gift of life to a child of my own. But a four weeks ago, we found out that we would never get the honor of holding our firstborn. I felt heartbreak and sadness like I’ve never experienced before and basically, this aptly timed article summarizes what I’ve felt and want to express.

One day, I hope, wish and pray that I will get the chance to feel the love of my own child on Mother’s Day.

three strikes you’re out

As I patiently wait to go through one of the curve balls life has thrown my way, it seemed appropriate to finally start reading this book. ⚾

It’s a well known fact that I love baseball. Cardinals baseball, in particular. So when I was off sick from work this past Monday, my husband knew exactly what to take the blues away: signing up for an MLB.TV year-long subscription so I can watch the games (when at home) or listen to them (when at work or out). Nothing says love than a season of baseball in one’s life. At least in my life.

I did plenty of crazy and fun things for baseball in the handful of years we lived in Missouri. Nabbed $7 tickets to a Cardinals game for Stan Musial Day. Bought an all-inclusive weekend enjoying abundant food and alcohol. Saw a San Francisco Giants game at AT&T Stadium (which was pretty spectacular). Caught a KC Royals vs Cardinals game in 98 degree weather. Enjoyed a cheap date night at a Dollar Day night at the Kauffman Stadium. Spent my birthday weekend at back-to-back Cardinals games with a lovely overnight stay in St. Louis. Went to weeknight games and not getting home until 2am in the morning. Went to Championship Games where Zach and I didn’t sit next to each other because tickets were that sparse. Went to World Series game in 2013 at Busch Stadium (too bad we lost that game and the Series). The wins were definite highs and the losses were equally low (especially that World Series game). But each game was a wonderful and cherished memory.

One other baseball memory that I am reminded me everytime I see Tony La Russa’s “One Last Strike” hardback on our bookcase is the close to three hours we spent in line at the Mizzou Bookstore waiting to have our 10-second moment with him as he signed our book. Yeah, three hours. This was back in 2012, the Cardinals had won the whole thing the season earlier and we were still on a high from that. Tony was in Columbia during his book tour and I just couldn’t resist. I remember having to leave work about an hour earlier so that we could line up early, only to find that an hour before signing wasn’t enough. We ended up starting at the basement of the bookstore and although it was a long three hour wait (trust me, there were times we thought about leaving), it was enjoyable thanks mainly to the people around us. I’ve never been one to hunt for autographs from celebrities, but for some reason, I just had to stick it out and get Tony’s John Hancock. When we eventually did, I can’t say that my life changed for the better, but more than anything I came away with such a fun and memorable evening shared with my husband (along with the signed copy of the book, that is). We still laugh about that evening like it was yesterday and that in itself, made it well worth the wait.

Here’s to a successful 2015 season for my beloved St. Louis Cardinals. It saddens me that I will not have the privilege of seeing a live game at Busch this year. It pains me that I won’t get to sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” on the top of my lungs this year. It just downright makes me cry that I won’t be able to make real-life baseball memories with Zach this year. But I know that when you make it to the World Series Championship again this year, we will get to make different kind of memories from all the way here in Brisbane. Oh, how awesome would that be?!