another form of football

Photo bombed by Nate. We didn't expect anything less.

We finally made it to a rugby league game. Hurrah!

It’s obviously no secret that we have a love for sports. We wake up at the crack of dawn just to watch our Mizzou Tigers during football season. We clear our weekend mornings just to devote over three hours watching baseball games. We signed up for the ability to watch AFL games online since we live in a rugby state now and it’s a rare occurrence to catch Power games on free-to-air TV around here. We are very much invested in sports, whatever shape or form.

So it was inevitable that we would eventually make it to a rugby league game and it’s a no-brainer that we would barrack for the Brisbane Broncos. This past Sunday, we made the quick train trip to Milton and walked to Gate E of Suncorp Stadium wearing the closest colors to maroon and gold we could round up in such short notice. At first we thought we scored nosebleed seats, but it actually worked out for the best because we got a bird’s eye view of the entire field from our section. Luckily we were with a group of friends who are seasoned rugby followers and they were more than willing to answer our incessant questions about why that guy did that and why the umpire gave him that penalty. It was one question after another and truth be told, I still went away from the game with more questions that I care to ask.

The entire evening was a success because the home team won and we got to sing the team song (which was rather amusing, lyrically). The best part? We got to go on to the actual field after the game. Apparently this wasn’t a regular occurrence, so it was a real treat. We spent about half an hour taking photos, frolicking and looking up around the stadium. It was a delight and I sure do enjoy those on-field experiences, even more so after a great win!

My gold shoes + Nate kissing the turf at Suncorp.



three strikes you’re out

As I patiently wait to go through one of the curve balls life has thrown my way, it seemed appropriate to finally start reading this book. ⚾

It’s a well known fact that I love baseball. Cardinals baseball, in particular. So when I was off sick from work this past Monday, my husband knew exactly what to take the blues away: signing up for an MLB.TV year-long subscription so I can watch the games (when at home) or listen to them (when at work or out). Nothing says love than a season of baseball in one’s life. At least in my life.

I did plenty of crazy and fun things for baseball in the handful of years we lived in Missouri. Nabbed $7 tickets to a Cardinals game for Stan Musial Day. Bought an all-inclusive weekend enjoying abundant food and alcohol. Saw a San Francisco Giants game at AT&T Stadium (which was pretty spectacular). Caught a KC Royals vs Cardinals game in 98 degree weather. Enjoyed a cheap date night at a Dollar Day night at the Kauffman Stadium. Spent my birthday weekend at back-to-back Cardinals games with a lovely overnight stay in St. Louis. Went to weeknight games and not getting home until 2am in the morning. Went to Championship Games where Zach and I didn’t sit next to each other because tickets were that sparse. Went to World Series game in 2013 at Busch Stadium (too bad we lost that game and the Series). The wins were definite highs and the losses were equally low (especially that World Series game). But each game was a wonderful and cherished memory.

One other baseball memory that I am reminded me everytime I see Tony La Russa’s “One Last Strike” hardback on our bookcase is the close to three hours we spent in line at the Mizzou Bookstore waiting to have our 10-second moment with him as he signed our book. Yeah, three hours. This was back in 2012, the Cardinals had won the whole thing the season earlier and we were still on a high from that. Tony was in Columbia during his book tour and I just couldn’t resist. I remember having to leave work about an hour earlier so that we could line up early, only to find that an hour before signing wasn’t enough. We ended up starting at the basement of the bookstore and although it was a long three hour wait (trust me, there were times we thought about leaving), it was enjoyable thanks mainly to the people around us. I’ve never been one to hunt for autographs from celebrities, but for some reason, I just had to stick it out and get Tony’s John Hancock. When we eventually did, I can’t say that my life changed for the better, but more than anything I came away with such a fun and memorable evening shared with my husband (along with the signed copy of the book, that is). We still laugh about that evening like it was yesterday and that in itself, made it well worth the wait.

Here’s to a successful 2015 season for my beloved St. Louis Cardinals. It saddens me that I will not have the privilege of seeing a live game at Busch this year. It pains me that I won’t get to sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” on the top of my lungs this year. It just downright makes me cry that I won’t be able to make real-life baseball memories with Zach this year. But I know that when you make it to the World Series Championship again this year, we will get to make different kind of memories from all the way here in Brisbane. Oh, how awesome would that be?!

my new favorite recipes

A very fragrant boozy baked French toast is in the fridge soaking in the Bailey's & vanilla we added to it. 😲 #MizzouHomecoming Watch Party in t-minus 9 hours! 🐯

This past Sunday, we hosted a group of Aussie friends to watch the Mizzou Homecoming game with us over some breakfast (since the game started at 6am). We were originally hesitant to hold a watch party that early in the morning, because come on, unless you’re a die-hard Mizzou fan why would you get up that early to watch a game? Well, these awesome Aussies proved us wrong because they insisted that they would make the effort and get there early enough for a pre-game breakfast. So of course, I had to make sure they were fed right with some breakfast treats. I went on Pinterest-overdrive and picked out various dishes. I wanted to exclusively share three in particular:

  • Blueberry Croissant Puff – I picked this out because who doesn’t like croissant? This was a winner from the beginning, in my book. You will want to eat it uncooked after you smell it, trust me.
  • Honey Lime Rainbow Fruit Salad – This is not any ordinary fruit salad. At first I hesitated about making the dressing but I’m so glad I went ahead with it. It added an extra zing to an otherwise run-of-the-mill fruit concoction. Eat it chilled.
  • Boozy Baked French Toast (pictured above) – This was another dish I wanted to eat uncooked after I smelled it. Wow. I suggested you add more Bailey’s if you are really going for the “boozy” part. We only added slivered almonds and plan on adding fruit or even chocolate chips next time. Oh, and I made the rookie mistake of forgetting to set out the maple syrup until after our guests had left and we were eating leftovers. Extra delicious. Plus next time, I think we will either take it out of the oven earlier or add more of the liquid goodness because our french toast came out a little dry.

I was so pleased that these three dishes came out better than I had expected. It’s always a bit scary to serve dishes you’ve never tried before to a group of people that woke up way too early for a Sunday morning to watch a game you’re way too excited about. They left our apartment with full bellies after multiple visits to the table. I call that a success!

P.S. Our Tigers won.

baseball hibernation commences

World Series Game 4

Taken at last year’s World Series Game against the Red Sox. 
We lost that one too, unfortunately.
But we are still winners. Forever.

Sigh. What a heartbreak. My beloved St. Louis Cardinals just couldn’t get that one vital win to prolong their 2014 season. Baseball is now over for me until Spring Training 2015. Well, not really, since I’ll be root, root, rooting for the Kansas City Royals to win the whole thing and beat those San Francisco Giants. Revenge is best served by your cross-town counterparts. Am I right, Cardinal fans?

The only silver lining I could find from this loss is that now I can get my mornings-into-the-afternoons back. Postseason baseball is an investment into ones time and most definitely on ones nerves. Now that my #1 is out of the race, I can get my heart rate back to normal pace and I can just enjoy this wonderful game as a mere spectator with no emotional investment.


you win some, you lose some

Sometimes it's hard being a #Mizzou & #STLCards fan. Thank God for alcohol.

The weekend was a kick to our proverbial sporting guts. How’s this: got up at 2am on Sunday morning after only 4 hours of sleep. All excited, optimistic, pretty pumped up considering it was the middle of the night and the lack of sleep. After scrambling to find the Mizzou game online (CBS decided to broadcast it, which meant it wasn’t on ESPN), we settled in and even participated in the continuous school chant (again, it’s 2am in the morning). And…that’s where the excitement ended. Next thing you know we’re trailing 20 points, can’t even get close enough to the end zone to go for a field goal. A freakin’ field goal?!?! So humiliating. In the first time as a Tiger fan, I gave up on my team and went to bed with 7 minutes left to go. My husband soldiered on (admittedly, he only did so because it was already close to 5am and he was already wide awake thanks to the coffee he drank). I would later find him on the couch 3 hours later, sound asleep wrapped in his favorite blanket. Even Tigers need their sleep.

The photo above is him enjoying a few before a soccer game. This was after a shutout loss to the St. Louis Cardinals, so a few drinks were in order. It’s rough being a sports fan. Too bad I don’t really enjoy alcohol enough to use it as a distraction, instead I’ll groan about the loss for the rest of the week until we win again. So here’s to picking ourselves up for next weekend’s game. Go Tigers! Go Redbirds!