just the two of them

@skizzdc capturing a Flinders Ranges sunset with his God-daughter. #SouthAustralia

There’s nothing like a Godfather-God-daughter relationship, is there?

During one of the three evenings we spent in the Flinders Ranges, we made a point of seeing a sunset on Wilpena Pound. The photo below is of my husband and our God-daughter. This was taken from about 50 meters away (I’m telling you, my point and shoot performs miracles) and I was in no way close to the action when it was snapped. It was just Zach and Maya having a quiet moment soon after Maya had a breakdown because she had gotten a splinter lodged in her pointer finger. She had abandoned us (being her Dad, Mama D and me) and ran on over to Zach (who was on standby as he tried to do a time lapse of the setting sun). He has the magic touch because he perfectly calmed her down from her meltdown and managed to turn her attention towards the sun, forgetting about her splinter and they had a “moment”.

Zach has been a Godfather for six sweet years and each year he gets better and better. Every request for a rollercoaster ride on his lap, hours of playtime that sometimes drains him and even times when he tells her off are all special moments. I make a point to remind him that one day she’ll no longer requests a rollercoaster ride or want him to play teddy with her, so he should really cherish every single moment (as tired as he might feel after hours of playing). I can truly appreciate it when parents say that their children grow up too fast, because I have witnessed it first hand with our dear Maya.


today she is six

Artwork by the Birthday Girl

The work of an artist!

On this day, six years ago, our sweet, beautiful and energetic God-daughter Maya was born. That was a very good day. I remember it like it was yesterday. I got the call in the very early morning. We had been living in Missouri for about seven months, I wasn’t working so I would spend the wee hours of the morning either watching trashy television or online. I can’t recall whether I was up late because I was waiting on news of her arrival or because I was just up. Then I got the call. Maya was born and she was cute as a button. She still is, in fact. But now she’s got some sassiness to her, a healthy amount of cheekiness for entertainment value and that lovable cuteness that makes you love her even more. Life has never been dull since she entered it.

Happy Birthday, sweetheart. Ningnang loves you ❤