still edible

Clearly, neither @skizzdc nor I should quit our day job. Nevertheless, it was a lot of fun. Perhaps (a lot of) practice will do the trick. #cookiefailI give you permission to laugh. Go on.


cookies of the good kind

Yes, Patricia, why don't you pick up another hobby 😋

I’m alive. I’m well. I even made cookies today. Yes, cookies. Sugar cookies to be precise. Because really, I don’t have enough half-finished hobbies. I figured, adding one more would be just perfect. Variety is the spice of life afterall. So they say.

As I type these words, two rolled out doughs are in the refrigerator chilling out waiting to be cut out into the shapes above. Considering I spent a small fortune on cookie cutters yesterday I want to make the most of them. Besides, my husband wants me to make a T-Rex riding a bicycle, because he’s goofy like that.

I’ll be sure to post photos of the finished products. I predict that my biggest problem will be in not being so heavy-handed with the royal icing.