in the pursuit of trivia

I'm going home with these fellas. #TriviaNight

Last night, Zach and I (and a bunch of his work friends), attended a Trivia Night sponsored by a science-based company that my husband’s University has a partnership with. For some reason, they had all these Lego knock-offs as giveaways, so we assembled them all as we waited for this thing to start. The photo above was taken at the end of the night and one of my Lego friends had already lost his left arm. Tragic.

Overall, the entire night was a heck of a lot of fun. There were eight different themed rounds and I learned a thing or two of trivial stuff, plus nailed a couple of answers that nobody else knew (eg. that the New York Knicks was short for Knickerbockers & that A-Rod played for the Yankees). I tried to state my case that Laurence Olivier has had 10 or more academy award nominations – but I got outvoted on that one. It was a pure guess on my part, but it turned out to be correct.

The one thing the evening did reveal is that I don’t read enough literature and I know very little about Science (yes, there was a theme based entirely on what the sponsor works with). Hey, I read mainly non-fiction (mostly about baseball & places I’ve travelled to) and I am guilty as charged that Science is not my strength. And I’m fine with that.

But regardless, fun was had by all and I even got to drink a bottle of Blue Moon. Yes, Blue Moon. I haven’t really drank alcohol in about 4 months and as soon as a friend showed that us that he was drinking American beer, I got a sparkle in my eyes and willingly handed over my $3 for a bottle. If only I had an orange to pair with my Blue Moon. If only.


the gnome knows


I have strep throat. Yesiree. And to be honest, I think I would rather have influenza than this strep throat. Gross and painful. But this post isn’t about my strep throat. It’s about a little gnome. The cheeky gnome that was looking for a home, so I decided to give it one. Now, if I didn’t have strep throat, I wouldn’t have needed to go see the Doctor and said Doctor wouldn’t have prescribed me antibiotics, which I needed to get it from the pharmacy. And it is at the pharmacy that I found this little gem of a gnome. A gnome with sunglasses and flashing the peace sign. And get this, it bobbles. Bobbles its cute body. It’s too adorable, really. But this little guy isn’t for it, it’s a gift for my husband – that’s how much I love that guy.

for every mama

The lotus flowers we set free then we got to make a wish.

No gift to your mother can ever equal her gift to you–life. – Anonymous

Thirty-five years ago my Mama gave me the greatest gift. Twenty-five years ago I was blessed once again when my Aunt legally adopted me. I consider myself so blessed to have two women I can call my Mothers. Both women love(d) me, teach/taught me and inspired/continue to inspire me during the days when I need it most. One watches over me from across Australia, while the other watches over me from up in heaven. It’s not luck. It’s a blessing that I have two Mother’s in my life.

I wish people knew how much it’s possible to miss a person you have never met, and to mark time by their absence.

Three months ago, I gave the gift of life to a child of my own. But a four weeks ago, we found out that we would never get the honor of holding our firstborn. I felt heartbreak and sadness like I’ve never experienced before and basically, this aptly timed article summarizes what I’ve felt and want to express.

One day, I hope, wish and pray that I will get the chance to feel the love of my own child on Mother’s Day.

goodbye, cetaphil

Face Food

After a friend of a friend on Facebook posted a link as to Why Cetaphil is the Devil, I immediately researched what I could replaced my once-beloved Cetaphil Daily Cleanser with. So after some Googling and a visit at my local chemist, I settled on testing out the Sukin range. It came highly recommended by other Aussies and I was able to find it on sale, so I thought why the heck not.

It has now been over two weeks since I switched and I must admit, I am a happy convert. Sure there was a large degree of apprehension at first but I’m finding that it’s really all not that bad switching to something that claims to be natural (or at least more-so when compared to Cetaphil). And since I was switching face cleansers, I decided to try out their shampoo and conditioner too and surprisingly, I really actually love it. Now, I am very much a “more lather the better” kind of person. To me, if it doesn’t produce enough suds to rival a foam party, then it doesn’t clean. That’s why I love Cetaphil and your good ol’ L’Oreal hair products. My previous experience with all-natural hair care was that it didn’t foam enough, so I was pessimistic about Sukin. Luckily, it proved me wrong.

So as much as it pains me to let go of Cetaphil, I am inching towards doing so. It gets better each day that I use Sukin.

a week on

My lovely co-workers stretched out my birthday by an extra day and got me this pinklicious cake today. Oh the sugar on that icing! 🎂

Birthday weekend was pretty delightful. My colleagues got me a personalized cake, my siblings had a large edible sent my way, I enjoyed half a cow for dinner and my always-up-for-fun husband made sure the entire weekend was fabulous. It rained a lot on my actual birthday, which reminded me of the very, very rainy birthday day we had in New York City last year. But despite the rain, I felt the love and I was so very grateful for it.

And to top it off, Timehop provided me a great range of photos from the past several years on the very day I turned a year older and wiser:

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