i scream, you scream, we all scream…

The makings of homemade cookies & cream ice cream. #KitchenAid

Greetings and salutations, good people of the Internet! How are you?

Me? Well, funny you ask. I’ve been busy making homemade ice cream, working 9-5, keeping myself out of trouble and counting down the days until my baby sister and her boyfriend arrive in Brisbane to visit us during the Easter Weekend. Hurrah! Visitors, family, fun times. Perfect recipe to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I am so excited.

But yes, ice cream is being churned in our humble abode these days. I blame my little sister actually. She received an ice cream maker for her birthday back in February and ever since then her Facebook and Instagram has been filled with ice cream snaps. Jealousy cannot be denied so Zach and I splurged on one to attach to our trusty Kitchen Aid. We have so far made one batch of cookies and cream flavored ice creamery. Nom nom.

I highly recommend getting an ice cream maker – yes it’s laborious and it’s probably cheaper to just buy a tub of Ben & Jerry’s at your local IGA. But where’s the fun in that? You don’t get to see the magic as the concoction of half & half and whipping cream transforms itself into creamy goodness half an hour later. And it’s true, things taste better when you’ve had to wait more than 24 hours to taste it. Truth, truth, truth.

So here’s to months and months of enjoying homemade ice cream and perhaps even sorbet. Good times.


mighty mighty deck chairs

Back to that one time when we sat on really large deck chairs. Oh Columbia, i sure do miss your randomness. #homesick

I am a sentimental fool. I love looking back on old photographs, reliving memorable moments in the process. That’s why Timehop gets nothing but love, love, love from me. It enables me to have a Throwback Thursday each and everyday of the year, going back up to four-five years ago. It’s perfect. It reminds me of all the good times and the not-so-good times, plus all the in-betweens. It does not discriminate, it does not have favorites. If I recorded it as an image years ago, Timehop will show it to me, warts and all. Can’t get more real than that.

I also love reading back on old journal entries. Thankfully, the beauty that is Livejournal is still alive and kicking. I started LJ back in 2003. I repeat, 2003. For many, many years I religiously wrote on my LJ – about anything and everything. My entire life was shared on that online journal, every little detail. It’s still alive today and I continue to write on it for my LJ friends to read. Then when I read this awesome article the other day, #2 pretty much advocates for the reading of old journal entries. I’m hoping that when I’m old and wrinkly and sitting on my rocking chair, I’ll still be able to peruse through my LJ entries and read all about the life I lived years ago. That would be one heck of a Throwback Thursday!

we are so random

It's all about the breadsticks. #OliveGarden

My husband receives the most random instant messages from me. This was one I sent him earlier this week, during my week as a woman of leisure.

But in all seriousness, I was/am still craving Olive Garden. One of the perils of watching shows through Hulu Plus and Netflix is having to endure all the US-based commercials. Denny’s, Olive Garden, even the State Farm commercials get me (It’s Jake, from State Farm).

just my cuppa tea

Cup of tea

I was given an unexpected week off from my day job this week. Long story. So to make the most of my week of leisure, I spent the week catching up on the everyday mundane things to some luxuries. I folded laundry at two in the afternoon (mundane), watched six straight episodes of the current season of Grey’s Anatomy (luxury), picked up the house in the middle of the day (mundane) and also took a nap (definite luxury). Plus I had the pleasure of catching up with a friend over a large teapot of green tea at this cosy little cafe near our place. It was divine, a real indulgence for the middle of the week. Perhaps I should take an entire week off from work every four months, wouldn’t that be a novel routine?

Speaking of work, apart from the excitement that this week brought, the latest development is I actually resigned from my old job and was then offered another. Remember this rather contemplative and cryptic post? Yeah, that was actually in relation to my professional life. I had been so conflicted about my feelings towards the position I was in for weeks prior and three weeks ago, I finally made the ultimate decision to walk away. It was a decision that was both very hard to make and one that had to be made. To spare you all the details, all I want to say is that it was the perhaps the most courageous thing I have done in my current life. Some are probably calling it career suicide, I call it checkmate. For once, I made a decision that only thought of myself, rather than others. Do you realize how empowering that is? It’s not selfishness, it’s definitely empowering. Old Patricia would never have made a decision like that, but New Patricia did. It feels good to take control of my decisions. It feels great.

I’m back to work on Monday. No more impromptu coffee dates, no more Hulu Plus/Netflix binge-watching, no more doing laundry in the middle of the day (yay!). Instead, it’s back to an established routine of getting up early, catching the train in to the City, absorbing the hustle and bustle of a busy workplace and being grateful to have a work support system. Life is just the way it should be. Life is great.

pass me the yum cha

I craved dumplings. I got dumplings. Dreams really do come true.

Last Friday, the City of Brisbane celebrated a belated Chinese New Year after Tropical Cyclone Marcia caused havoc and ruined Lunar New Year for everyone. Especially for those who craved dumplings. Namely, me.

So needless to say, I took the opportunity to enjoy a range of dumplings last week in celebration of the Year of the Goat/Sheep/Ram. I dragged my poor husband out of his workmate’s drinking session at the local pub and we ventured into Fortitude Valley without a real clue where we would head. Eventually we stumbled upon a restaurant that claimed that they had the “Best Yum Cha in Brisbane”. Well, that’s endorsement enough for us so we took a chance. We were extra hopeful since they had a dragon they used in those traditional Chinese dragon dances. I mean, that’s got to count for something, right?

I’ll save you all a detailed restaurant review, but I do want to say that I’ve had better. I know this is a little unfair, but I judge Chinese restaurant purely based on their fried rice. Unfortunately, this particular restaurant’s Special Fried Rice did not move my tastebuds. It lacked taste, personality and the umph I look for in my fried rice. Disappointing. Though, they do get an honorable mention for having delicious yum cha. But man, I can’t get over the fried rice. Such a bummer.

a trifecta

It's a perfect day to visit the @museumofbrisbane #Brisbane

I had a rare day off from work the other day and I decided to spend part of it visiting the Museum of Brisbane. I had been meaning to hit MoB purely to see the Costumes from the Golden Age of Hollywood exhibition that’s currently showing. How was it? It was gorgeous! What a magnificent collection. So beautiful I wanted to break the law and reach out and touch some of the garments. Wow. They sure don’t make clothes like they used to – or perhaps I’m just not lucky enough to be exposed to such luxurious and expensive clothing. I would post more photos but I didn’t take any (not allowed) and unfortunately, some of the most gorgeous pieces are not featured on the MoB web site. So if you’re in the Brisbane area, you are just going to have to make a trip down to City Hall and see it for yourself. It’s FREE to boot! The best kind of entertainment in my book. Enjoy!

And while you’re there, be sure to check out The View from Here and The River. To do all three justice, you’d probably have to give up 2-3 hours of your day, so why not make a morning of it!