the game of life

Tabletop and Tacos Night turned out to be a Talk Like a Pirate Night.

In an effort to not be sloths, just sitting at home binge-watching shows on Hulu Plus, Zach and I decided to join our friends to a Board Game Night at a Mexican restaurant in the city. Come on, the prospect of half-decent tacos, good company and fun times was always going to be hard to resist and we’re glad we tried it out. First we enjoyed a hearty Mexican meal (jalapeno poppers had a kick and we were all perplexed that they served crab cakes) and that was followed by a game or two (one of which was Pirate Fluxx).

All in all, a great evening that we hope to continue on a fortnightly basis. Now we’re searching for other evening activities that will not only have us spending more time with friends but also encourage us to establish extra-curricular activities that doesn’t involve the couch and the television. Perhaps it’ll be a Trivia Night, social tennis, lawn bowls and whatever else this fair city can offer us. Regardless, it’s bound to be a hoot!


always take the weather with you

The Story Bridge has been claimed by the heavy rain. #TCMarcia #Brisbane β˜”

Marcia came around today and overstayed her welcome. The photo above was taken eleven floors up from my office window. On a good or even mediocre day I can see the Story Bridge from this vantage point. This morning? Yeah, not so much, thanks purely to Tropical Cyclone Marcia. The rain just didn’t quit its silly self for most of the morning and into the late afternoon. It was partly soothing (the sound, the vision of falling rain) and partly annoying (drenched shoes thanks to puddles everywhere). It’s just part and parcel of living in Brisbane, I suppose. It comes with the territory.

Apart from weather woes, my week was rather eventful in other areas too. On Monday, I made a life decision that was monumental. It was one of the scariest decisions I’ve ever had to make, but also one that I knew I had to make. Once I made it, I felt a hundred times better and I knew that I made the right decisions for all involved. And in a fortunate series of events, I am now once again excited about my professional situation and I know that ultimately, the best is yet to come. I am at peace.

In saying that, I feel renewed and I am excited about what is ahead of me. Now that I am back to my normal self, I hope to write some more, get back to my incessant photo-taking adventures and my regular ramblings on this blog. Exciting times. I must point out that I can’t believe that we’re already in mid-February. Where did the first two months of 2015 go? Next thing you know it’ll be May and that means one thing and one thing only: our first year anniversary as Brisbane residents. Scary stuff. Our Columbia life seems like a lifetime away these days but there are still fleeting, linger moments where I miss the heck out of that life.

So stay tuned. The Aussierican will resume normal programming very soon…

this too shall pass

Rainy and humid, never a good combo. #Brisbane

If I were to visually represent my current state of mind, I feel that this picture encapsulates it perfectly.

I am in a bit of a crossroads in some aspects of my life. Lots of contemplating, re-assessing my chosen direction versus the path that I genuinely dream of and then there’s the matter of dealing with reality, expectation and pressure.

A great deal of thinking right now.

Decisions have to be made, clarity needs to be reached. Ultimately, happiness shall prevail. It always does.Β 

I hope you are all well, my dear friends. Perhaps my next post will be a whole lot less cryptic and contemplative.

the humble pavlova

The humble Pav. πŸ‘

It might have been the most expensive (relative to size) Pavlova I’ve ever devoured, but it was worth it.

In addition toΒ dining out around Brisbane, life has been rather hectic. Summer is in full-force in this hemisphere so we’ve been taking full advantage of the weather and what Brisbane has to offer. There are plenty of festivals, picnic opportunities and the warm waters calling our names. How can we deny all that?

Mind you, where did January go?

this guy

Birthday Boy

Sticky Date Pudding Birthday Cake (two days before his actual birthday). What a lucky boy!

This guy. This guy has been in life for twelve splendid years. A genuine dozen.
Today is the anniversary of his birth. Today I celebrate him and the love, the hope and the bona fide contentment he brings to my everyday.
Punxsutawney Phil may reign supreme every February 2nd, but the big difference is my husband brings only sunshine day in, day out.

Here’s to the happiest days to my fellow expat!