a little bit of this & that

Car Us-sie

The Houston’s are wannabe nomads

Found this blog post an hour ago (Nine Expats You’ll Meet Abroad). I would say we are a little bit Nancy/Nora, a pinch or two of Wanda and maybe a (very) small part Millie (only about the lack of Rotel at the grocery stores though).

I’ve only lived in three countries so I’m hardly a seasoned expat, but I do love the prospect of moving to a different country on a semi-regular basis. It’s wonderful to have the option of moving, exploring and, in a way, re-inviting your life every time you move. In every move I’ve made I’ve learned something and changed something about the next life I start. I like that. And really, apart from the headache of physically packing up your possessions and the heartache of leaving cherished family and friends, expatriating ones self (in my opinion) was the greatest thing I have done in life (so far).

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