showing its true colors

Color threw up on Brisbane this evening and it was beyond fantastic. How lucky are we that we ended up here? #noregrets

If you’re in Brisbane and you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and go check out “Colour Me Brisbane” as part of Brisbane’s G20 Cultural Celebrations. Friday Date Night last week was extra spectacular thanks to all the color around the city. Breathtakingly colorful, vibrant and perfectly executed. I just loved every second of it. And of course, we made sure were were at South Bank just before 8.34 p.m. so that I could record my “Paint Your City” submission. I get extra giddy about stuff like this, so I was very delighted to see my colorful creation.

Brisbane has yet to fail to impress us. It is such an over-achiever.


this goes with that

The humidity aside, I get to walk through this glorious garden to and from work everyday.

I had my first “I have nothing to wear to work!” moment yesterday morning. Three outfit changes later, I finally settled on a combo I felt comfortable in. After five months of sitting (almost) idle resulted in some extra poundage and coupled with ill-fitting old work clothes meant that the angst of dressing for work was bound to rear its ugly head. I’m banking (aka hoping) that the extra exercise I get from walking to and from the train station and home and train station to work will result in some pounds melting off – I say melting because humidity here in Brisbane is rising and I feel like I lose a gallon or two of sweat just by walking. This is all well and good until you can feel the perspiration trickling down your face. Oh joy. I had a good ol’ whinge yesterday evening about missing the ability to drive to work (I was fortunate enough to only live 5 minutes from my former job and having my own personal car) and the perks of having central A/C in every single room of the house (even the freakin’ bathroom!). It’s true. You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.

Silver lining? I get to enjoy the pleasure of the City Botanic Garden every morning and afternoon on my way to the train station. For a couple of glorious minutes, I experience the splendor of nature and the beauty of it all. I’m very grateful for that, I really am.

my new favorite recipes

A very fragrant boozy baked French toast is in the fridge soaking in the Bailey's & vanilla we added to it. 😲 #MizzouHomecoming Watch Party in t-minus 9 hours! 🐯

This past Sunday, we hosted a group of Aussie friends to watch the Mizzou Homecoming game with us over some breakfast (since the game started at 6am). We were originally hesitant to hold a watch party that early in the morning, because come on, unless you’re a die-hard Mizzou fan why would you get up that early to watch a game? Well, these awesome Aussies proved us wrong because they insisted that they would make the effort and get there early enough for a pre-game breakfast. So of course, I had to make sure they were fed right with some breakfast treats. I went on Pinterest-overdrive and picked out various dishes. I wanted to exclusively share three in particular:

  • Blueberry Croissant Puff – I picked this out because who doesn’t like croissant? This was a winner from the beginning, in my book. You will want to eat it uncooked after you smell it, trust me.
  • Honey Lime Rainbow Fruit Salad – This is not any ordinary fruit salad. At first I hesitated about making the dressing but I’m so glad I went ahead with it. It added an extra zing to an otherwise run-of-the-mill fruit concoction. Eat it chilled.
  • Boozy Baked French Toast (pictured above) – This was another dish I wanted to eat uncooked after I smelled it. Wow. I suggested you add more Bailey’s if you are really going for the “boozy” part. We only added slivered almonds and plan on adding fruit or even chocolate chips next time. Oh, and I made the rookie mistake of forgetting to set out the maple syrup until after our guests had left and we were eating leftovers. Extra delicious. Plus next time, I think we will either take it out of the oven earlier or add more of the liquid goodness because our french toast came out a little dry.

I was so pleased that these three dishes came out better than I had expected. It’s always a bit scary to serve dishes you’ve never tried before to a group of people that woke up way too early for a Sunday morning to watch a game you’re way too excited about. They left our apartment with full bellies after multiple visits to the table. I call that a success!

P.S. Our Tigers won.

no time like the present

Life is short

This new job is cramping my (blogging) style! Haha. 

I am still trying to get back into the groove of working a day job, getting up earlier sorting myself out before my commute and being productive for 7.25 hours. No more sleep ins, Monday morning football watching marathons, endless crafting sessions or afternoon naps whenever wherever. It has only been 3 days of working and that old routine is such a distant memory for me. Perhaps it’s a sign that I am grateful to be out of it and back to a more substantial day.

Truth to be told though, I still have moments where I wish I could take a quick 20 minute nap, preferably right after lunch.

a new day

Celebratory creme brulee 🎉

Celebratory creme brulee

I started a new day job today. That planned 12 month sabbatical? Yeah, didn’t quite happen. Or at least it’s on hold for 3 months…

First day jitters exist, I hardly slept a wink last night. Got up early this morning, went for a half hour long walk with Zach and I was so anxious to get out of the door that I left 10 minutes before my planned train. So of course I got to work 20 minutes early. Luckily, my new workplace is right next to the City Botanical Gardens – not a bad hangout place, wouldn’t you say?

Day 2 tomorrow and I get to wear jeans. I have to say, I missed that about Australia after moving to the U.S. Casual Fridays are perfect for after work shenanigans, you’re already in comfy going out clothes!