the bright lights of brisbane

The Story Bridge is blue and white to commemorate National Police Remembrance Day. #BrisbaneAnyDay

My husband and I are very random, rather spontaneous and always up for adventure (big or small). This evening, whilst having dinner, we decided to keep our spontaneity in check and ventured out into the city. We’re fortunate enough to only live a 10 minute drive from the Brisbane CBD and we love it. Catching the train into Central Station is a breeze, we have a bus stop a few minutes walk that is a straight shot into South Bank and we have the convenience of having a car for that out-of-the-blue desire to get out of sitting in front of the TV for the entire evening (or in this evening’s case, procrastinating from unpacking the rest of our boxes).

It took us 4 months but we finally made it to Eagle Street Pier. Spontaneous after dinner drive is the best way to discover #Brisbane!

We ended up at Eagle Street Pier after a couple of times circling around the area to find a park (the perils of venturing to the city). We forked out $1.50 for a 45-minute parking spot and headed towards the pier to get a good look at the Story Bridge and the surrounds. What a sight! It was such a calm and perfect Spring evening in Brisbane. The restaurants and bars were bustling for a Tuesday night and there were ample amounts of tourists mixed in with locals heading home late from work. It’s just like any other city, but living and breathing in its own unique way.

Bright city lights for all to see. #BrisbaneAnyDay

Midway through our walk, my husband turns to me and says “I’m so glad we moved here” and I simply replied with “Me too”. Brisbane may, for now, just be another notch in our proverbial travel belt but it definitely has the potential to make a lasting impression us.


i can’t quit you

Yes, this is happening right now. Don't judge me. #STLCards #Mizzou

Dedication, I know.

I love my sports. Baseball, gridiron (college & professional) and Aussie Rules would have to be my favorites. I’m hot and cold towards NBA basketball, jump on the bandwagon once soccer heats up, and I’ll start caring about ice hockey when the St. Louis Blues are in the playoffs. My love for sports was turned up a notch when I moved to America, especially since we lived in a college town in the middle of the US and right smack in the middle of the state where the two biggest cities on either side boasted successful sporting teams.

I had no chance, I couldn’t deny it. So it was only fitting that I would have two screens on yesterday morning when the Tigers were playing against South Carolina in college football whilst the Cardinals were trying to win the NL Central title against the Diamondbacks. There were definitely moments during both games where I was confusing who I was barracking for. But luckily, multi-tasking, is one of my strengths.

So here’s to the madness that the next couple of months will provide. I hope my Cardiac Cards continue to keep my heart pumping, the Chiefs/Rams manage to make a run for the Super Bowl and that our Tigers keep on keeping on and go on to prove that the SEC is the best division in the whole wide world!

these are the boxes of our lives

Part of the crazy yesterday. It's much improved today because I can see the floor

This is what I’ve been dealing with since Tuesday

Our ship finally came in. After 123 days dealing with the shipping company, our 57 boxes from our US life arrived early Tuesday morning. It’s now Friday and the house is going back to normal. The kitchen is 99% done, my clothes are unpacked from the space savers but not quite put away, while my bike is still in its box. Overall, we made good progress on Tuesday and by the end of it, we could see the floor again.

Nothing like something familiar from your former home to make you feel settled in to your new one.   Final casualty tally: 4 (a coffee mug, a photo frame, 1 of a 3-set Pyrex measuring cups) & my favorite Disney World mug).

It was so comforting to get our belongings. A total of five items didn’t quite survive the trip, but nothing we couldn’t live without. Having familiar things from our former life brought a great deal of comfort. As we opened each box, we let out a delightful scream (Yay! It’s our mixing bowls!) to moans of despair (Poor mug) when found broken items. Then in between we found items we either don’t remember packing or why we even bothered to pack it. It was a range of emotions wrapped in large amounts of packing tape and bubble wrap.

I am certain there will be future moves in our lives (we’re just resigned to the fact that we’re nomads with no constant home), so my packing days are not over. One thing is for sure, this last massive move taught me a lot. It was by far the most organized move we’ve taken on and despite the angst and frustration (caused mainly by the shipping company), it went smoothly. But for now, I will relish in having all the things that I cherish around me.

city slickers venturing out

Awesome hollowed-out tree at Springbrook National Park.

Look at my wingspan!

My husband was begging to “get out of the City” this past weekend so we decided to head out to Springbrook National Park on Saturday. Up until Friday morning we were debating whether we would head North or South of Brisbane knowing that we were going to be visiting the Gold Coast in a couple of weeks to meet up with family. But in the end, we decided on Springbrook, which is a mere hour and a half South.

I was surprised just how close to suburbia National Parks are here in Australia. Perhaps living in the middle of the country for six years afforded me the luxury of space and homes being a ways away from parks. It felt strange for some odd reason I can’t explain. But it was delightful nonetheless and I’m so glad we took the drive. Fresh air, spectacular views and the sheer magnificence of nature. Plus everything was green, lush and moist. I think that was another thing that surprised me – because all I hear about is the drought. In fact, it even rained while we were in the midst of exploration!

We weren't planning to go to the Gold Coast but ended up there anyway.

The beach + high rise apartments = the Gold Coast

We ended up in the Gold Coast after our Springbrook jaunt, mainly to find a bar for a feed and to watch an AFL game (which turned out not to be since I got the times wrong). Surfers Paradise has changed since I last visited it (nearly 15 years ago now). It didn’t appeal to me then and it doesn’t appeal to me now. Our friend Dan called it a cross between Miami and Las Vegas, which is somewhat accurate and it probably makes sense that I’m not fond of Surfers – because I don’t consider Miami or Vegas as being a US highlight for me. Next time we will venture to the North and experience what the Sunshine Coast has to offer. I’m not much of a beach bum but I can appreciate a good beach when I see one.

holding on

Watched the #Mizzou game in bed this morning, because we could. Oh and for the record, 2am games blow. But GO TIGERS!

Thankful for WatchESPN and the beauty of the Internet

I think I’m in that stage of this expatriation process where I’m clinging on to everything and anything that reminds me of my (other) home and my other life. It somewhat feels strange saying that, since technically, Australia is my first home (or rather second if we’re really getting technical). But I’ve found that it’s more complicated than that. When you spent six years creating a life, investing your emotions into a place and the life you lead, letting go of all that is bound to be a work-in-progress. But you know what, I hope I never let it go. I cherish those times, those memories and what it brought into my life. How lucky am I?

For now, I will wake up at 2am to watch my Tigers. I will rejoice whenever a little piece of America comes my way in the form of news. I will welcome those feelings of anticipation on when we will get to visit Columbia again.