on the first day of august

So…kinda been slacking on this blogging thing, haven’t I? Well, here I am trying to make up for it. Things that we’ve been up to:

  • Going to South Bank every chance that we can get. We might aswell move there.
  • We went to the Night Noodle Markets and ate…not noodles. It was a fun evening outside on a perfect winter’s night. There are a lot of those around here in Brisbane.
  • Furnishing our apartment, but no thanks to Freedom! They still haven’t delivered the items we purchased a month ago. Ugh. I want my rug already!
  • Signed up for a library membership. We are now able to borrow books at our local library! If that doesn’t scream “I’m a local now!”, I don’t know what will.
  • Going to the markets every Wednesday has been a lot of fun. This week, I got kettle corn, bagels, $2 bag of roma tomatoes and more b-a-n-a-n-a-s!
  • Doing loads of laundry a week. I miss my extra large washing machine & dryer. Supersize it!
Kettle corn (but they call it sweet & salty due to copyright issues with kettle chips here in Australia). It reminds me of fall, Homecoming weekend and football games.

As close to kettle corn as we’re going to get around here!


mondayitis doesn’t live here anymore

I miss a lot of things about America. But one thing is for sure, I miss my favorite cereal the most – Oatmeal Squaresย are nowhere to be found in Australia. Quaker Oats, why do you fail me? So instead I purchased Chocolate-flavored Mini Wheats to try to substitute, but it did not and never will replace my beloved Oatmeal Squares.

And speaking of cereal, I miss not having a whole aisle of cereal options to choose from.

It is truly the small things. The teeny tiny small things.ย 

Not Oatmeal Squares (I'm still not over it). But hey, the sun is out!

Oh Oatmeal Squares, where are you?

it’s been seven hours and 49 days

Hello, world. It’s a sunny, gorgeous, ridiculously perfect day here in Brisbane, Queensland. I figured, today’s a good a day as any to start my blog.

I had intend to start this blog many months ago – when we were still living in Columbia. But life got in the way. And by life, I mean quitting and wrapping up my job, then getting the news about our move a day after we booked a week long trip to New York (to travel with my little sister), then coming back from that trip with less than a week to move out of our apartment to move to our in-law’s place where we executed packing up 58 boxes of our lives to be shipped off and then we left Columbia four days later.

That’s the short story. The horrors, the stress, the experience of those last few weeks in Columbia is not a blur to me because it was intense. Perhaps one day I will find the time to write about all that. But for now, I just had to start a post here so that I could say that “I started a blog!”. I’ve started many blogs before, plenty. What makes this one different? I really don’t know…but I just wanted to start one regardless. I may post once a day, one a week or once a month – nobody really knows.

But it’s my blog and I can do what I want to.

For now, I will leave you with this photo my husband took of me this past weekend when we went down to South Bank and enjoyed the day. I posed by one of Brisbane’s many bridges. There are so many, I am yet to learn any of their names (so don’t ask which one that is).

A sunny day in the middle of a Brisbane winter. No joke.

A sunny day in the middle of a Brisbane winter. No joke.